IC Recommendations included in Government Report

IC Recommendations included in Report by Work and Pensions Committee

We're pleased to see that the House of Commons Work and Pensions Committee has included ALL of our recommendations in its report to the government, released today. When Mark spoke in parliament back in January, he took the collective voice of our members with him, and asked for three things:

  1. 3 year minimum income floor
  2. Longer reporting periods for income (case specific)
  3. Training for DWP work coaches

Interesting, we were the only voice arguing for a 3 year Minimum Income Floor, and we're really pleased that the Work & Pensions Committee heared our evidence and agreed to put forward the recommendation. We firmly believe a 3 year Minimum Income Floor is the right recommendation for all those who see self employment as a route away from benefits and Job Seekers Allowance.

You can see exactly what Mark said in the live stream of the event here, and read more on our initial thoughts about Universal Credit in this article about how the new scheme will effect the self employed. We're grateful to Sarah Jones of Smart Desk, Gwenda Owen at Beicio Gwenda and the women at Sister Hub who helped put together the evidence for our submission.

This success shows the huge benefit of collectivism and a collective voice. We hope that the UK Government listens to these recommendations as well as this cross party committee, and that we are able to keep campaigning on behalf of indy workers and freelancers with the help of our members. Let's make a difference, together.