We're hosting our Annual General Meeting on February 21st at 4pm in our Indycube space in Cardiff Bay.

The AGM will be a chance to discuss the future of Indycube and have your say. As well as some key strategic updates, we'll be electing board members for the coming year - see below for your nominees. Afterwards we'll be retiring to the pub.

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Indycube Membership now includes Solna Smart Invoicing

IndyCube has partnered with Solna to offer Indycube Community members a free trial plus free access to their Smarter price plan. Create invoices in a flash, automate your cash flow, and reduce your exposure to risk.

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Indycube Connector Russell Todd shares his thoughts on coworking where it counts & the forthcoming coworking space in Blackwood

Between 2004-09 I was the Communities First Co-ordinator with 3 CF Partnerships that arced to the north of Blackwood: Cefn Fforest, the Argoed ward (The Rock, Argoed, Markham, Hollybush, Man-moel) and Trinant & Pentwyn.

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With constant cuts & pressure mounting on third-sector services, it's time to explore alternative workspace options

The dogma of austerity is cutting the revenues available to the third sector at a time when the call on its services is increasing year on year. The sector is resourceful and adaptable and is used to making a little go a long way, but one response it has hitherto explored only very little is coworking.

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Retro Gaming Comes to Indycube St. Mary Street

Gaming continues to the push the boundaries. VR headsets are becoming more affordable and console quality games are coming to mobile. It’s a far cry from the 1980s when home gaming went mainstream, a generation grew up playing on consoles like the Atari 2600 and Colecovision, or home computers like the ZX Spectrum and Commodore 64.

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Five new spaces upcoming

We're always on the look out for new IC spaces, supporting indie workers to work closer to home. Here's a run down of some upcoming locations.

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Stress ruins motivation, productivity, and your overall wellbeing. Here's how to beat it.

Stress affects everyone in some way. Workload, finances, diet, lack of sleep, social life, relationships, and plenty more aspects of everyday life can contribute to those overwhelming feelings. It becomes impossible to concentrate, to separate tasks and focus on one thing at a time. All of a sudden our colleagues, clients, and customers irritate us and we just want to be left alone.

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For some, 13 is considered an unlucky number, but for us, it’s a number to celebrate, as coworking turns 13 today!

When coworking launched in America 13 years ago, it was a slow burner - founder Brad Neuberg reported that no one showed up for the first 2 months - but he persevered, and coworking as we know it today was born.

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Going Self-Employed at Forty-something, collaboraton in coworking & championing employment for prisoners

Hello I’m Jamie. I’m an Indycube member working out of Cardiff Trade Street and until twelve months ago I’d never really thought about being self-employed. But then the university where I worked went through a large redundancy programme and it was clear that if I stayed, I may have found myself in a role that I wouldn’t have been happy with. So I took the plunge and left.

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Make the most of your online content with these top tips

Content, particularly online content like blog posts, videos, social media posts (including social cards and infographics) and even podcasts are all important ways to share your message, be it personal, branded or both.

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Need a Virtual Landline, international number or business phone system? Get 30% OFF with your IC Membership

DMC is a Manchester-based company specialising in Business Phone Systems. We've partnered with DMC to bring you 30% OFF their services, including standard business phone numbers, local, international and geographic numbers, the ability to make and recieve calls wherever you are in the world, and answer calls via your laptop.

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Galaxias Tech at IC Swansea

In December 2017 and January 2018, Galaxias Tech spent time in Indycube Swansea, along with a cohort of students from University of Wales Trinity Saint David. They used the space to develop tech-based projects, eat pizza & share ideas with our IC users. IC user Eifion of Torchy whipped up a video for us....

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Meet our newest teamsters: Sarah, Russell and Gethin

There've been a few changes over at IC HQ lately, and we're really pleased to have three new team members on board! We'll let them introduce themselves :)

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Employing staff or thinking about it – get supported with IC & PitStopHR

When you are running a small business you cannot possibly do everything yourself. It might be how you start off, or perhaps you outsource some functions initially, but if you want to grow then you will need to think about employing other people within your business.

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Powys ethical finance provider scoops top UK accolade from international foundation for environmental and social impacts.
ROCBF has scooped top UK honours from an international foundation.

One of Indycube's partners, Robert Owen Community Banking Fund (ROCBF), has scooped top UK honours from an international foundation.

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We're sick and tired of late payments for indy workers

At Indycube, we’ve all either been self-employed in the past, or still work independently atop our roles at IC. At one point or another, we’ve all encountered the same problems as you, our users and members, which is what inspired us to launch our Member Benefits Package in the first place.

Our biggest bugbear? Late Payments.

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‘HCSB’ @ IC | Walthamstow selling printed ‘bank notes’ to raise money to buy local debt.

First there were the banks. Sending credit cards through the post, offering easy loans. They overstretched, teetered. Then came the billion-dollar bailouts, recession, austerity, poverty and payday loans. Then, slowly, came the movement: a piecemeal, sporadic effort to buy back the debt of ordinary people. Now in north-east London, an enterprise that is part art installation, part stunt and part charitable endeavour, has brought all the threads together: a bank that prints its own money, sells it for real tender and uses the proceeds to buy back the debt. 

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April brings changes and updates to our Indycube Community Membership

Become a Member

In October last year we announced we were giving away FREE membership to our benefits package until the end of March 2018. Hundreds signed up and we’re really grateful to all those who’ve joined and become our “founding members”.

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We take a look at Universal Basic Income, the possibilities and pitfalls, and introduce you to our own branch of IndyIncome

What is it?

In its most basic form, (pardon the pun) Universal Basic Income is a regular, unconditional payment for every citizen across the country. Understandably, there’s still argument about the figures - but the general consensus is that it should be enough to live off, i.e. a living wage.

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It's the match of the century - classic corporate networking vs getting to know someone over a cuppa

Love it or loathe it, networking is an intrinsic part of running your own business. Getting to know new people and potential clients is imperative if you want to push forward and secure future customers. But it doesn't all have to be suits and business cards.

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We're proud to be a paperless organisation!

"Going Paperless" is the ethos of digitising anything that is unnecessarily applied to paper, such as invoices, documents, letters and cheques.

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Indycube Community - Westminster Work and Pensions Committee (January 2018)

Indycube Community have been asked to give evidence to the Work and Pensions Committee tomorrow morning (Wednesday 17th January) regarding Universal Credit (UC). Mark Hooper will be speaking as Founder of a cooperative representing freelancers and the self-employed, and has gathered evidence from Indycube Community members and individuals who have found themselves affected by the recent rollout of Universal Credit in the UK.

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New Job, Basic Income... my first week at Indycube Community

Jo Hinchcliffe has come on board as a Connector for IC. His role will involve liaisng with members, traveling from coworking space to coworking space, and drinking alot of coffee. Jo wrote a great post about Universal Basic Income following his first week with us, which we thought we'd post here, because sharing is caring:

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HOST: Sterling Rees Acountants  - 24TH JAN - 9:30AM - 1 PM

An opportunity to come and meet tax and accountancy professionals to discuss any questions you may have in a free drop-in clinic. Whether you are unsure how to form your business or if Corporation Tax needs to be paid, need to file a personal tax return for Income Tax, want to discuss financing a new project, gain an understanding of a shareholder's agreement, have to work out which VAT scheme to use or find out how to run your own Payroll you can come and ask the questions you need to our friendly team.

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Sarah Rees shares her thoughts on becoming a Mum in today’s economic climate

In 2014, Sarah gave birth to a baby girl. She quickly learned the true cost of motherhood, and since the birth of her second child in 2016, feels she has been priced out of a fulfilling career due to the overwhelming cost of childcare.

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These are the primary issues freelancers and indie workers are likely to face in 2018

As 2017 draws to a close and we begin to unwind, we’re also looking forward to a brand new year and all it has to bring. Even as they set up their Christmas trees, freelancers and indie workers everywhere are busy preparing for the future of work, with certain needs and concerns prioritised above the rest. We asked our members what was most important to them - this is what we learned.

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