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Believe you can and you're half way there

We all have good days and bad days, but often we can’t afford to waste valuable time in a rut or going around in circles. How do we stay upbeat, motivated and productive, especially when we have more responsibility on our shoulders than company around us? Here are a few tips that we find effective...

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An unexpected journey to infinity (well Walthamstow..) and beyond...

For me, it all started in Swansea back in 2012. I'd been banging the drum locally about shared workspace and had played with the idea of a multi-use work studio for years. Truth is I couldn’t see a way forward. Rent and rates were prohibitive, there seemed to be space everywhere, but no way to access it. I'd been working with a business mentor called Jules Mallory Skinner, as well as Huw Williams who had started Swansea Creative Hub and was now freelancing for Coastal Housing.

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Our pick of indycube's top 5 idyllic Welsh coworking spots perfect for travellers

Freelancing can take you up and down the country on various expeditions. While some independent workers travel for business, others may choose to spend a day of their holiday time wrapping up some pressing last-minute tasks. Others still may seek out exciting and interesting places to work, and where better when rambling than the Celtic landscape of Wales?

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