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Networking: Corporate vs Community

It's the match of the century - classic corporate networking vs getting to know someone over a cuppa

Love it or loathe it, networking is an intrinsic part of running your own business. Getting to know new people and potential clients is imperative if you want to push forward and secure future customers. But it doesn't all have to be suits and business cards.

In the red corner - Classic 'Corporate' Networking

While some people really value the opportunity to speak with lots of other business people, make connections and (hopefully) find new clients and customers, others are understandably less keen to attend this sort of sterile environment, equipped with expensive bar and people in suits who just want to shove their business cards in as many faces as they can find. We don't love networking events in their classic sense either, but the pushy, impersonal and corporate vibe doesn't have to be what 'networking' is all about. 

In the blue corner - Community Networking

Networking at Indycube is all about community focus. It's about getting to know each other and having interesting conversations, rather than grappling for leads. We reckon that community networking - getting to know your community - is the way forward, and is as simple as offering the newbie in the office a cup of coffee. At Indycube spaces, the opportunity is always there to meet new people, catch up with existing contacts, talk about whatever you fancy, have a coffee or a beer and come away with ideas, inspiration and encouragement rather than a handful of crumpled business cards.

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