Proud to be Paperless

We're proud to be a paperless organisation!

"Going Paperless" is the ethos of digitising anything that is unnecessarily applied to paper, such as invoices, documents, letters and cheques.

We've always utilised technology to streamline our processes, and this means that we're inadvertantly a paperless organisation. Hooray! 

Pretty much any business can go paperless. If any THREE of the following criteria apply in your workplace, then it should be noted that you are actively contributing toward a paperless environment. You have the right to call yourself a 'Paperless Business' and use The Paperless Logo.

  • Formal communications are conducted via email/phone instead of posted letter.
  • Invoices are sent via email or made available online without being printed.
  • Payments are made online and not by cheque unless required.
  • You do not use a fax machine.
  • Filing is done on hard drives, servers or online and you do not use filing cabinets.

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