Hacio'r Steddfod 2018

Events and networking during the Eisteddfod

This year's Eisteddfod was held in Cardiff Bay, only a stone's throw from IC Cardiff Bay in Mount Stuart Square. We took the opportunity to host various events over the course of the week.

Hacio'r Iaith

Cymuned o bobol proffesiynol ac amatur yw Hacio’r Iaith sydd yn trin a thrafod sut mae technoleg yn berthnasol i’r Gymraeg, sut mae’r iaith yn cael ei ddefnyddio a beth yw’r posibiliadau.


Hacio'r Iaith are a community of professionals and amateurs who discuss the possibilities of incorporating the Welsh language into modern day technology.

During the Eisteddfod, they used one of our boardrooms to host a session about the future of technology in Wales, with a focus on the primary factors that could contribute to the use of the Welsh language in technology. The group raised some interesting points about APIs such as Siri, Google and Cortana, and suggested that often times, the technology is already there, but the demand and usage is limited due to lack of awareness/campaign.

The next session will be hosted in Carmarthen in February next year.

Other events:

Over the course of the week, we offered free coworking to anyone in town for the Eisteddfod, and also played host to:

  • Melin Drafod, who launched a new digital think tank in support of the Welsh language
  • Wicimedia Cymru, who held their annual meeting of users, and chatted about making content free and accessible
  • Radio Yes Cymru, the Welsh independence movement who used IC Cardiff Bay to launch their own radio station and broadcast live 3 times over the week
  • Yes Caerdydd, who hosted an open meeting at Indycube St Mary Street
  • Desolation Radio, a podcast on Welsh politics, society and culture, who broadcast from IC speaking with the Welsh socialiast republican movement
  • Our own Indycube reception about Coworking and Welsh Communities

It was lovely to have the Eisteddfod in the same corner of Wales as one of our IC spaces and to get involved with so many fantastic organisations. Thanks to all who made use of the space over the week!