Bank Job | Wiping out predatory debt in London

The Bank Job on The One Show

The Bank Job is a daring new project running out of IC Walthamstow, designed to wipe out dangerous and predatory local debt.

Hilary and Dan were featured on The One Show last week as part of a wider feature about debt. Available on BBC iplayer here from 10 mins in.

"We're raising £50,000, half of that is shared between the four causes on the notes - foodbank, homeless kitchen, primary school, and youth project - and the other half, £25,000, is able to buy up to £1,000,000 of local payday debt," Hilary explains in the video.

There's also a little easy-to-understand breakdown of the way it works! 

We're so very pleased Bank Job Pictures chose to work with us at indycube. We bought £100 worth of notes. £50 went to 4 amazing local causes in #Walthamstow. £50 wiped out £2K of predatory high street debt. Please do as we have & support these amazing people.

We love what you're all about. Keep dancing!!