Get 15% off your gadget insurance!

Indycube Membership now includes 15% off gadget insurance

IndyCube has partnered with InMyBag to offer Indycube Community members 15% off gadget insurance. You can insure your portable devices with 15% off the quoted cost at

Freelancers and self-employed people need their tech for more than just watching Netflix: they rely on their devices to run their businesses. InMyBag insurance responds to your claim immediately and gets your devices repaired or replaced within 24 hours when things go wrong, meaning you aren’t kept waiting as you would be with standard insurers. They're a small, friendly team: you can text, call, email or tweet us and a real person will help you straight away, even during evenings and weekends.

What you get:

  • Cover against theft, loss and damage
  • 90 worldwide cover per year 
  • Super fast claims handling
  • Loan devices 
  • Low excess fees (£25 for replacement, £50 for repair) 

As of April 1st, you'll be able to head over to and use the secret code at checkout. You can access this code in your benefits pack when you sign up for Indycube Community Membership, which you can do here!

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