A Christmas Gift from Indycube: 500 free desk days!!

Unwrap the gift of community this Christmas by working where you live

Last week, Acorn's Managing Director, Matt Southall, released an article calling for more imaginative thinking around our current transport problems. This came not long after we'd printed our own piece on working locally rather than suffering the commute, which can be read here.

We at Indycube read Matt Southall's article with enthusiasm, and decided to make sure the ideas contained don’t simply remain in a newspaper column.  We want to make these changes happen, so we're giving away 500 free desk days.  While we are known as a space and membership provider for freelancers and micro business, many of our users are also remote workers - people working where they want, often where they live. We want to push this opportunity in a tech savvy 21st century where many roles can be undertaken anywhere.

We have 500 desk days available for free to be used in the opening months of 2018 for anyone who wishes to see what life without the commute can be like. We think there will be benefits in terms of time, finance, (especially with the recently announced rail ticket rises), and the environment. Our experiences also tell us that productivity improves in such circumstances. There is no catch - we would love to know about the effects coworking in a local area has on purse strings, or what people choose to do with the extra time, and we may do a few sums on environmental benefits, but the desks are free to any and all office workers who are permitted to work locally/remotely.

To claim your free desk, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We look forward to welcoming you.

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