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Christmas Season Opening Hours

Our opening hours this December/January

The Christmas season is fast approaching. We hope you'll be spending as much time as possible relaxing as 2017 comes to a close but, just in case, here are our Opening Hours over the festive season.

 We'll be open as standard to full-time members with their own fobs. For everyone else, our spaces will be closed between Saturday the 23rd of December and Monday the 1st of January 2018, with some exceptions:

  • Aberystwyth will be closed on the 22nd of December
  • Cwmbran will be closed from midday on the 22nd of December
  • Llanrwst will be closed from 4pm on the 22nd of December
  • Pembroke Dock will be closed from 1pm on the 22nd of December
  • Penarth with be closed from 3:30pm on the 22nd of December

All our spaces will be open as standard from the 2nd of January, with the excepton of Abrystwyth, which will resume business earlier, on th 27th of December. We'll keep these details up to date, but please do let us know if you have queries about any individual spaces that you would like to use over the holidays.

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