Hats Off To Sustainable Fashion

Hats Off To Sustainable Fashion: MAYKHER's Autumn/Winter range

Welsh sustainable fashion brand MAYKHER® strides forward with the launch of their follow up accessories range and continue leading the charge on slow fashion.


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Marled knits, soft leather and block printed silk are at the heart of MAYKHER’s Autumn/Winter 17 range with head-turning new product lines being added, such as; handmade beanie hats and leather clutch bags from their artisans in Haiti, and silk scarves from block print specialists in India.
Authentic, slow fashion can’t be rushed, and neither can nurturing relationships with their carefully selected group of makers, whose practice is vital to MAYKHER delivering on its people before profit ethos. It has been nearly a year to the day since the Cardiff based brand launched their debut range after successfully delivering on their CrowdFunder. After much anticipation, their second range has landed with an expanded offering of beautifully crafted, contemporary women’s accessories.  
The MAYKHER approach to fashion is simple, their brand and online store serve as tools in tackling global social issues that the company founders feel passionate about solving. "We believe in a dignified and ethical work culture - criteria frequently and sadly neglected by many organisations” states Creative Director Heidi-Louise. “Our makers work in parts of the world that suffer from great poverty, so fairly paid opportunities are key to allowing people to raise themselves above the poverty line on a permanent basis”. But it’s about more than just employment for the team behind the sustainable fashion brand; “Most of the makers we work with are supported by programmes that deliver help surrounding mental health, nutrition and even literacy, it’s very much about personal and professional development”, Heidi said. 
MAYKHER’s holistic approach to fashion and business allows them to address more than just the consequence of a problem, they are also dealing with the cause, preventing the next generation from facing the same levels of poverty and inequalities as those that came before them. Noting that there are approximately 62 million girls out of education, the team at MAYKHER have vowed to invest at least 10% of their end-of-year profits into the education of young women and girls. This mission is communicated in their company’s essence; 'For Womankind'.
This small but ambitious brand have some big goals. MAYKHER’s commitment to the task in hand, combined with their clean design aesthetic and quickly growing customer base, means they should definitely be on any modern, forward thinking women’s ‘go-to’ list.
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