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Free IC Community Membership for 6 months

We're offering 10,000 free memberships for 6 months

This summer, we launched our UK wide membership offer, inclusive of Legal SupportInvoice Management & Cash-flow controlTotal Motor Assist and Lifestyle Benefits with more still to come.

We had a great response and feel it’s quite clear that together we are leading something very positive - here are a few links and stories which featured in the news:

The summer was not all good news, however, as we - and I suspect you - were disappointed with the Taylor Review of Modern Working Practices. An opportunity missed, we felt. It is evident that the support that independent workers need isn’t going to come from the government. Because of this, we and our partner, the union Community Union, have decided that we need to do more, much more.  

We are making a further investment so that we can offer our Indycube Community membership free for up to 6 months (for up to 10,000 people) from September 11th.

We’re offering the free membership because we think the world needs it, because indy workers all over the UK (and further afield) need a bit of support, and we want to make our benefits available to everyone. So, the first 10,000 people to sign up will get free Indycube Community membership until March 2018.

What’s the catch? There isn’t one – honestly. What we’re offering is new, and we need members to try it out, to see if it’s helpful, to see if they benefit from the free legal support, access to cash flow management through invoice factoring and a range of leisure and insurance benefits we think will help level the playing field a little bit. We want to know what else freelancers need; we are working on other aspects but we want feedback. We want ideas and we want our members to get involved.  

That’s why it’s free. We have members, but we need more. We need our systems shaken and our benefits tested by the masses.

We're looking to level a playing field we think is stacked against those on their own, or who are micro business size. If we can make the indy worker sector more resilient, more secure, then that’s good for the coworking sector. It means more people in and using sites across the UK, which is something we see as the future.

We have made our joining procedure as easy as possible, with just three little details to get people signed up and gaining access to the benefits – name, email and phone number. That’s it. Join us here.

As always, please let us know if you have any questions. We’re always on hand for any queries, concerns or for a cuppa and a general chat.