Do You Want Chocolate Sprinkles With That? - The Cost of Not Coworking

Where can you go when you're sick of working from home or paying for cappuccinos?

Most indie workers have been there. You don’t want to work from home, because there are too many distractions, or your wifi is on the blink, or you can’t stand those same four walls any longer.

You’re a bit nervous about coworking as you aren’t sure how it all works, or you don’t know where to find your local space, so you head to the nearest coffee shop and try to stretch your latte out for as long as possible.

The trouble is, you end up buying three coffees and a snack, and you still feel a bit guilty for camping out there all day - plus, it’s noisy and you’re constantly protecting your laptop from spillages from people bumping past your tiny table. Those three lattes cost you £8.10 of your hard-earned cash, with a muffin bringing it up to £9.90 for this only half-productive day*.

Sound familiar?

For £8+ VAT on a Full Time Plan or £12+ VAT on PAYG, you get a desk for the day, plus endless Welsh tea and coffee, wifi and friendly faces. No one glaring at you as they clear your second coffee mug, no one blocking the electricity plugs with furniture and no one spilling their caramel macchiato all over your work. We have spaces in some of the most beautiful locations, and if you’re new to coworking then have a quick read of our beginner’s guide blog post.

* Costs based on averages from major coffeeshop chains, correct to the best of our knowledge. (Grande Caffe Latte - £2.55 from Starbucks, £2.90 from Caffè Nero, £2.65 from Costa = £2.70 average. Muffin - £1.59 from Starbucks, £1.85 from Caffè Nero, £1.95 from Costa = £1.80 average.)

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