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What the Heck is a Jelly?

Are you ready for this jelly?

Some of our members and coworkers are already very familiar with Jelly coworking events but, for those of you that haven't had the pleasure, we thought we’d put together some info.

What the heck is it?

A Jelly is a free, informal co-working event where independent workers of all kinds get together to work, chat and collaborate with other freelancers and small business owners. Accessibility is a key value for Jelly, so the venue, wifi and parking for each event are free of charge (with small charges sometimes made for food and drink).

Jelly events are not intended to be networking opportunities, so there is no deliberate selling of services or seeking new clients - the spirit of Jelly is that coworkers can work together, exchange ideas and provide informal support to each other.

How did it come about?

Jelly was established in 2006 in New York, when a couple of freelancers decided to combat the day-to-day lack of company by inviting a group of other freelancers to work from their apartment for the day. The jelly beans eaten on the day gave the get together its name. Jelly spread to the UK in 2009, with Lee Cottier setting up events in the Bristol area and the Jelly section of Judy Heminsley’s website being used by many of the 50-plus groups now meeting regularly all over the UK.

Why do Indycube hold Jelly events?

A key part of Jelly is the fact that the coworking day is free, so this means that Indycube spaces can open their doors to current and new members for a free day. We also use it as an opportunity to socialise, have talks and Q&As (more on this below) and have a bit of food and drink. Sometimes these are held on the weekend, as we know that some freelancers have commitments in the week that mean that they use Saturdays to catch up on their admin. We’re slowly but surely rolling out regular Jelly events across the network.

Indycube Wakefield hold a Jelly on the second and fourth Wednesday of every month, 10am-4pm - the next one is on 23rd August at Create Cafe.

We have also started to run monthly Jelly events in Cardiff again! The next Cardiff Jelly is actually a two-parter - we’re kicking it off at 4pm on Thursday 17th August with a talk (from the lovely Richard Williams of Veritii) and some drinks at St Mary’s Street, and then an open door coworking afternoon at Trade Street from 12pm on Saturday 19th of August.

We’re also very happy to host the Open Data Institute for their Jelly, where the ODI will welcome anyone who loves data! The first Indycube-hosted ODI Jelly will be on the 22nd of August at Trade Street, and there are ODI Jellys planned for September and October too.

Hopefully this has cleared up any mystery around Jelly events - we look forward to seeing you at an Indycube hosted Jelly soon, and don’t forget that there are loads of other meet ups on the Jelly site.

If you have any questions or thoughts then do get in touch - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Jelly logo credit: Anil Amrit

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