Why I love indycubing


Why I love indycubing, and just what is it anyway? Member Post by Anne Collis

Yes, I know indycube is a proper noun not a verb. But indycube is much more than that. It really is more of a verb than a static noun! It starts with two nouns – the network of physical co-working spaces and membership of Indycube CBS Ltd.

But it certainly doesn’t stop there.

Having a membership organisation and co-working spaces is not what makes indycube unique. It’s what we as members do that turns using an indycube co-working space into the act of 'indycubing.'

To me, indycubing means:

  • Meeting and talking with like-minded (and more importantly, like-valued) people who don’t sit around waiting for someone else to take the initiative, don’t rely on handouts and who are always looking for ways to make Wales a better place for all – particularly through how Wales does business.
  • Networking in its non-ego-centric sense. indycubing means ‘working the room’ looking for ideas, inspiration and what you can give, not making a beeline for people you think have something you want.
  • Co-realising community, business and social change. I appreciate co-realising isn’t an everyday word. It comes from the 1990s and was coined by Dr Roger Slack and his Edinburgh colleagues. It’s the act of collectively turning a set of vague thoughts into reality.  indycubing certainly does this – just look at the new Membership Package.

That’s why, as part of Barod Community Interest Company, I love indycube and I love indycubing. We share so many values and ways of seeing the world. It’s a great fit. It gives us access to physical spaces that we can’t afford, and a chance to punch above our weight and feel more confident with more traditional clients. 

So next time I talk about indycubing, I haven’t turned American! I don't simply mean paying for a desk for the day in an indycube and sitting in my own little bubble. I mean I am actively, purposefully working to shape and fulfil the vision of Indycube CBS Ltd. Give it a try!

Anne Collis is a founding member of Barod CIC. Barod specialise in making information easy for anyone to understand, and finding ways to bring together powerful people and those affected by their decisions. Like all great concepts, Barod was born over a pint, when two Welsh leaders with learning disabilities asked how to turn their skills into paid work. Anne has been seconded by Barod to work part-time on a sociology PhD at  Bangor University. Her PhD will help Barod develop better ways to think about and do activities that change attitudes and spread ideas.