Stand up and be counted - join the IC Board

Your views matter to us - we're looking for new board members for 2019.

The Indycube board is looking for new board members/directors and we’d love for you to get involved.

As a cooperative, our members are an intrinsic part of our operation, and listening to your voices is crucial. We're looking for new board members to join our expanding board of directors in the new year. It's not a huge commitment, but we do ask that you make an effort to attend quartlerly board meetings and the annual AGM when you can, and that you take an active interest in supporting the self-employed community.

By becoming a director you will:

  • Have a valued role in Indycube

  • Make decisions about how Indycube is run

  • Support the self-employed community

  • Gain valuable experience of being a board member

  • Gain access to free coworking

  • Have opportunity to represent Indycube at various events

It doesn't matter where you're based, what you do or who you are - if you're a member of Indycube, you're welcome! 

As your time is valuable we would like to offer you something back. As a Director you'll be able to use any of our coworking spaces for free.

How do I join?

The process is really simple.

  1. You'll need a nomination from another member of Indycube. This can be the person you sit opposite every day, and doesn't need to be of any length, just a quick email to Gareth will do.
  2. You'll need to write up a brief paragraph about yourself, which we will then feature in an email to all members, who will have the opportunity to vote for their board.
  3. Voting will take place at the AGM on February 21st 2019.

For more information please email Gareth Powell, Indycube board chair, on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by Friday 25th January 2019.

What current board members say:

Gareth Powell, board chairGareth Powell

“This is an excellent opportunity to be part of an exciting time, where Indycube will be at the forefront of changing working practices, conditions and perceptions of the self-employed and the concept of work in general. We are keen for the board to reflect the diversity of our membership and prior experience of being a board member is not essential. This is in fact a great opportunity if you want to develop the experience of being a board member and contributing your skills. I would be happy to discuss things in more detail including the commitment (not great!) involved.”

Sonya Douglas-Hughes, board member Sonya Douglas Upright

“This is an interesting time to serve on the board, as Indycube transitions from private company to community benefit society. The dynamic is not always easy, but the exchange of ideas, and the sense that we're shaping something that matters, is immensely rewarding. It is especially challenging to be the only female non-staff board member, but I believe we will only increase diversity and equality in society as a whole if we get involved at every level. I would encourage anyone who has strong views on how we can better create a system of working that works for everyone to get involved!”

*Please note this is an unpaid role, however we will reimburse expenses incurred in association with conducting the role, such as attending board meetings.