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Google nerd, Pokemon fan and new business owner Louis on web marketing and coworking

Hello! I’m Louis, Indycube newbie working out of the Swansea coworking space. Great to meet you.

I'm Louis...

I’ve spent the last 9 years as a digital marketer. Understanding how the various digital marketing specialisms mesh together and, most importantly, how the best business results are driven. (The honest answer is that it varies with every business).

I’d call myself a ‘conversion marketer’. Because of my laser focus on generating a positive return on investment (ROI) for clients. Whether that’s sales, leads or any other core objective. It involves putting a lot of pressure on yourself to perform, as well as needing a strategic approach and data analysis skills to make it all work. I live for that breakthrough feeling. The one you get after finishing up a project knowing the impact you’ve had on a client’s business.

Most people I’ve worked with would probably say I’m a Google fan boy. Which is a nice way of saying that I’m a Google Analytics, Google Ads, Google Tag Manager, Google Data Studio and Google Optimize nerd. Worst of all, they’re probably right!

Some interesting facts about myself... I helped setup a basketball club when I was in  school which grew to be the biggest feeder to the national team at a certain age group at one point. It was also the biggest contributor for the reforming of the West Wales Basketball Association, which included a new team: the West Wales ‘Tropics’.

Maybe more embarrassing than interesting, but I still enjoy all things Pokémon at age 32. My eldest son Jake (he’s 8) is a bad influence…

Web Marketer Web Marketer Logo Dark

I had a great job with a company that was led from the front, clear career prospects and a team of brilliant people to work with. I could have stayed with my former employer for a long time and been very happy. But I’ve always had the desire to run my own business and these were the three main reasons for taking the leap when I did:

  1. Up to 60% of my day would be spent helping others; giving advice, answering questions or exploring solutions. Clients and colleagues would go out of their way to come to me as a first port of call; which helped me realise the value of my skillset and knowledge base as a consultant.
  2. I was venturing further and further into pure management territory, but I have always had great clarity around wanting to be a specialist in my field. I’m not ready to come off the tools just yet while there are still so many businesses to help.
  3. I achieved my career goals. There were only three and they were pretty simple:
    1. Win an award – I led the Swansea Council tourism team to 2 consecutive national awards for our digital marketing campaigns from the CIM (chartered institute of marketing).
    2. Work for an agency – I left university as a sub-agency-standard graphic designer and after making the transition to marketing, the majority of opportunities required 3 years experience.
    3. Get headhunted – I’ve always taken a huge amount of pride in my work and being headhunted would be the one thing that would validate I was on the right track. I had a private LinkedIn message through just over three years ago and never looked back.

So, I set up Web Marketer. Web Marketer is made of all the best bits from 9 years worth of learnings rolled into one consultancy. The core of which are:

  • Performance PPC - Google Ads & Facebook Ads geared towards generating a positive ROI.
  • On-site lead generation – using simple techniques to turn website visitors into contactable business leads.
  • Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) – a consultation service that helps improve a website towards what it’s been designed to do more efficiently. For example; more sales from an ecommerce website, more bookings from an accommodation website, more leads from a B2B website and so on.

Why Indycube?

Pretty much everything about Indycube drew me towards it, to be honest. I remember looking through the website and remembering “if it looks to good to be true, it is” ringing in my head.

I’m really fussy and I’ll spend ages researching and asking questions to make sure I find the right solution. Indycube ticked all the boxes with very reasonably priced meeting spaces, free tea & coffee and the option to work from any of the coworking spaces – which I know I’m going to be using A LOT.

I also really liked the idea of getting to know the local business community more. I’ve spent a lot more time out and about in places like London and Birmingham over the past few years and was very keen to get back to my Welsh roots.

After seeing the values behind Indycube and that it’s a genuine cooperative, it made me trust the proposition. I also really wanted to contribute to the ethos, and what better way than to vote with your feet?

I’ve been chuffed to bits with the space so far. Everyone’s been welcoming and there’s been a healthy balance of socialising with coworkers and knuckling down to work. I’ve already used both meeting rooms for various conference calls and screenshares and it’s all gone smoothly.

Being a coffee snob, discovering the free coffee was filter coffee was a big bonus as well!

(As if we'd ever use instant, Louis!! You can order your very own Welsh Coffee Co coffee to have at home here.)

It’s a work in progress, but our mission statement at Web Marketer is to ‘be the best at making things better’. I’m very intent on building a small, specialist consultancy rather than a big agency. Reputation is everything, and in order to have a reputation you have to be known. So in the new year we’ll be releasing a number of training sessions and looking to fill the calendar with talks and presentations.

If we’re known as the small consultancy that delivers big results; and we’re first in mind when a business realises either their website or their PPC could be working harder for them – I’ll be incredibly happy.

If you’d like to find out a little more about us, head to the Web Marketer website. Or say hi on Twitter:

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