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5 Dynamic Ways to Make the Most of your Online Content

Make the most of your online content with these top tips

Content, particularly online content like blog posts, videos, social media posts (including social cards and infographics) and even podcasts are all important ways to share your message, be it personal, branded or both.

Unfortunately, not everything goes viral. Here are 5 ways to get maximum value from your online content, every time.

1. Create reusable content

Of course, content sometimes needs to be ‘of the moment’ - you’ve got an event going on, or you want to put something out that coincides with a national or world-wide event, but plenty of content can and should be evergreen - even content written to coincide with an awareness day/week. Evergreen content is content that is reusable, retains its relevance and continues to be pertinent time and again. For example, this post on Managing Loneliness as an Indie Worker is relevant every Mental Health Awareness Day, every time mental health awareness crops up in the media, and will continue to be applicable for as long as there are indie workers working in isolation. In short, delivering content with an indefinite shelf-life means you can redistribute it repeatedly.

2. Make it modular

Creating modular content makes it easier to repurpose. By dividing your blog post into modules, or sections, (lists work particularly well) you can reuse different parts of it for different purposes. For example, this particular post could be divided into 5 separate Facebook posts, in the same way as this post on The Hidden Pitfalls of Working from Home was used:

A video or podcast could also be split into sections and shared across various platforms.

3. Share & reshare

Don’t be shy about resharing content. Because of algorithms across social media, we overestimate the number of people who see our posts. Business pages on Facebook are particularly penalised, with only a small percentage of followers actually seeing our posts in their newsfeeds. Similarly, Twitter is massively fast-paced, so a single tweet can be swallowed up almost instantly - blink and you’ll miss it. (It’s worth noting that Twitter might flag you as a bot if you post exactly the same message more than a handful of times, so try to vary your wording.) This also comes back to creating Evergreen content, which you can keep resharing continuously, week after week.

4. Experiment with headlines and images

This is easy. Take any piece of content and reshare it using a different headline, image, description or even all three. This is a classic marketing tool used to gauge the best audience reaction to particular wording and images. For example, I could post this article across Indycube’s social platforms with its current headline - “5 Dynamic Ways to Make the Most of your Online Content,” but I could also share it with a header like “Sick of putting effort into online content without result? Here’s how to change that” or even “How to beat the bots and get more eyes on your content.” As long as the header isn’t misleading, you can experiment as much as you like!

5. Cross-pollinate

Finally, cross-pollination in a great way to further your online reach. Blog swaps, (writing a post for someone else’s website and vice-versa) using different social platforms, tailoring your content to that platform and incorporating different forms of media are all stellar ways to make things more interesting and reach new audiences.

How do you make sure your content is used to its fullest? Let us know @indycube - We love hearing from you :)