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Business Phone Services at Indycube Community

Need a Virtual Landline, international number or business phone system? Get 30% OFF with your IC Membership

DMC is a Manchester-based company specialising in Business Phone Systems. We've partnered with DMC to bring you 30% OFF their services, including standard business phone numbers, local, international and geographic numbers, the ability to make and recieve calls wherever you are in the world, and answer calls via your laptop.

Why use a Business Number?

Nobody wants calls coming to their mobile 24/7 - a dedicated business number allows you to keep trade seperate from your personal life, and looks more professional, particularly if it's a landline number.

Suppose you're based in London but your business is registered and trading in Swansea - you could claim a Swansea area-code for consistency and continuity.

DMC Business Phone System services include:

  • Get a dedicated business phone number

  • One centralised number for your business, wherever you or your team are

  • Choose from local, national or international phone numbers

  • Low call costs, both UK and International

  • Recieve and make calls wherever your team is in the world

  • 1 free 0333 or local number with a business phone

  • Voicemail box with voicemail to email option

  • Divert to mobile / Virtual landline

  • Communicate with your customers 24 hours a day with a pre-recorded voice menu information system

  • Host conference calls with your team and clients 

Our partnership with DMC came about when the Swansea-branch were looking for office space, and set up shop in Indycube Swansea. They say it's 'the perfect fit,' and particularly like our table football!

"We really can't overstate the value of what Indycube are offering, the ability to instantly set up office at any location. That's why we wanted to offer the Indycube Community members a discount on Business Phone Systems." Thanks Chris!!

Our partnership with DMC is live now. You can access your current benefits by logging in to your account, (top right.) For more information on membership, how to claim your benefits, and any other queries, please get in touch with us - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..