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We know that seeking legal advice can be daunting, and for many small businesses or individuals, legal aid will often go unsought due to fear of not being heard, falling under the radar or receiving large unpredictable costs. That's why our membership benefits package includes Legal Support. Our legal support team can advise on a broad range of legal issues, including, but not limited to: Best Practice, Legal Advice and Personal Injury.

Calling our legal support team couldn't be easier - just let them know you're a member of and they'll discuss your options with you. We can't be much more specific, as all legal cases will vary and you'll need to discuss the best course of action with a member of an experienced legal support team on a case by case basis. We can, however, assure you the best possible support when it comes to your legal queries, concerns and disputes.

What can you call up about? Almost anything! All members of are entitled to utilise the legal support team. You'll find the number in your benefits pack once you've logged in. Still not sure? Here are some examples of the areas they can cover:

Best Practice:

Best practice advice for starts up, freelancers, remote workers and existing self-employed on: Invoicing, sole trader set up, Limited Company set up, tax returns, VAT, role of Director, dividend payments and directors loans, company formation, insurance, rates & pricing, and health & safety.

Legal Advice:

Contracts, terms and conditions, (sector related), copyright law, IP, licence laws, trademarking and patents, non-payment disputes, online trading, e-commerce, shareholder agreements, investments, equity (advice and set-up). PAYE, employee contracts, maternity leave, sick pay, holiday pay, minimum wage, outsourcing and commercial leasing. 

Subject to Community’s merits assessment process, full in-house legal support is available for claims within the small claims limit of £25,000.00.

Subject to Community’s merits assessment process, support may be provided for claims with a monetary value in excess of the small claims limit, by way of referral to the union’s panel solicitors.

Personal Injury:

Community will provide members with access to free personal injury advice and support. Members can receive legal advice and representation in respect of any accident, injury or disease case.

Save for certain circumstances, the solicitor will act under a Combined Conditional Fee Agreement (CCFA) which will be underwritten by the Union. This means that the Union will provide cover for the member’s legal costs without monetary limit. For the avoidance of doubt this service holds the member harmless from disbursements, own legal costs and defendant’s legal costs.

The member is not required to take out any loan, nor will the member ever be responsible for any ‘after the event’ insurance premium of any type. The member is guaranteed to receive 100% of damages awarded to them.

General legal advice:

Advice commonly includes landlord & tenant issues, consumer issues, welfare benefits and neighbour disputes.

Reduced cost ‘personal legal services:’

Community will provide members with access to a number of reduced cost personal legal services delivered through Union Lawyers. Reduced cost services will include conveyancing, will-writing, probate issues and family legal issues.

For more information on membership, legal support, and other queries, please get in touch with us - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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